Sparq Mediation Labyrinth Sparq Mediation Labyrinth

A five minute meditation when you can't sit still.

User Controlled

The Sparq is a uniquely personal meditation tool. With instant access to a variety of patterns - each representing a distinct cultural heritage - the Sparq user can connect with history while they reconnect with themselves.

Easy Setup

Unlike traditional labyrinth installations, the Sparq is mobile and (after the components have shipped) it can be set up in about an hour. This ease of installation, combined with the stunning beauty of the projected patterns, makes the Sparq a wellness solution suitable for nearly any workplace.

Trial System

Want to try the Sparq? Just sign up above. You will receive more information about the thinking behind the Sparq, links to documented benefits, and instructions concerning how to set up the system on a free-trial-basis. That way you can judge for yourself whether or not the Sparq experience is something that could benefit your organization.

Historical Gravity

In Pima & Papago (native American) cultures the design below represents "Siuu-hu Ki" - "Elder Brother's House". Legend has it that, after exploiting the village, the mythical Elder Brother would flee, following an especially devious path back to his mountain lair so as to make pursuit impossible. Elder Brother's House is one of several culturally significant labyrinth patterns which lend a powerful gravity to the overall Sparq experience.


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